Playing Piano

Playing Piano

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This ebook will teach you everything you need to start having fun at the piano bench in no time at all.  You can not only start your learning with this ebook, you can also use this to continue with your development as a musician for years to come. You will buy sheet music and theory books in the future, but you will never need another beginners piano guide again!

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  • Why Play the Piano?
  • Looking at the Piano
  • The Home Keys and A to G
  • What Are Scales?
  • Reading Music: Introduction
  • The Lines and the Spaces
  • Written Piano Music and Rhythm
  • Personal Story: Learning Piano Basics
  • Keys and Key Signatures
  • Get It Together with Chords
  • The Big Fake and Improvisation
  • Sight-Reading Written Music
  • Music Terminology for Beginners
  • Finding and Choosing Music to Play
  • Practicing on Your Own
  • The Small Spotlight: Playing for Friends and Family
  • Playing for Public Events
  • Personal Story: How Playing the Piano Became My Occupation
  • Tips for Beginning Piano Players
  • Lessons and Piano Teachers