Master in Guitar in 7 Days

Master in Guitar in 7 Days

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Playing the guitar can be very rewarding and also very trying. The best advice for you right now is to develop good guitar playing habits. This will save you lots of trouble later on. Take your time and learn your open chords, the corresponding scale, and go slow with chord changes.

Practice chord changes and progressions until you know them like the back of your hand. Don't be afraid to sing the chords to yourself while you learn.

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Day 1

Fundamentals of Your Guitar Tuning

Hand & Finger Basics Posture

Day 2 – Review of Day 1 (Practice “For What it's Worth”)

Open Chords

Major open chords

Minor open chords

Dominant 7th major chords

Major 7th open chords

Diminished chords

Augmented chords


Day 3 – Review of Day 1 - 2 (Practice “Hurt”)

Beginning Theory Major scales Minor scales

Harmonic minor scales

Melodic minor scales

Day 4 – Review of Day 1 - 3

Beginning Theory Cont.

Key signature glossary

Notation & other music symbols

Day 5 – Review of Day 1 - 4


Day 6 – Review of Day 1 - 5 (Practice “Hey There Delilah”)

CAGED system for barre chords E & A Forms

Power chords Strumming Patterns

Day 7 – Review all Days (Practice “Seven Nation Army”)

Time to Play Conclusion